Meanwhile, back in the U.S.A......

At this time, all the Colleges

and Universities had football teams that

competed against each other, just for the sport of it.

For years the schools in the North had dominated play

but now a team in the South had begun to dominate.

The young team at this great University

was winning National Championships year after year.

They had developed into something really special.

The University of Alabama had the most respected

football team in the country.

This team always seemed to be

bigger, stronger, faster and more agile

than all the other teams around. They called this team

The Crimson Tide.

The news had spread all over the world about
The Crimson Tide.

Even with all their success,

The Crimson Tide was still looking for a mascot.

The school demanded, it be

something special that signified

what this team stood for.

It had to be something that was

the biggest and best of it's kind.........

By now Big Al had grown into an empressive young adult and was developing exceptional skills.

The news was spreading fast about this exceptional elephant in Africa

that had learned to READ.

AL dreamed of all the things that he might accomplish,

since he had learned to read.

He knew that he could handle the simple jobs

but what AL really wanted was

a college education.

When Alabama came calling, it was

a match made in Heaven.............

Big AL said "Yes" and was off

to America.

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