Big Al arrived in Tuscaloosa

and he loved it and the people there immediately

fell in love with Big Al.

He was accepted as the official Mascot of The University of Alabama.

Al got to go to all the games

to watch his favorite team win,

and win they did.

With Big Al there, the team

seemed to play even better and the

crowd seem to cheer even louder.

Over the years Big Al became very popular.

Everyone in the country knew Big Al.

He was asked to pose for pictures

He even had posters made of him.

Over the years, Big Al became

the most reccognized Mascot in college sports.

People in Africa say that his parents are still living today

and have been seen sneaking into camps at night

when they know that their son will

be on TV.

If Big Al's parents are still alive today,

then it's possible that Big Al could live until........

The End.

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