Once upon a time in Africa

there was a very large herd of elephants.

One hot summer day

this herd witnessed

the birth of a very special baby elephant.

Right from the very begining,

everyone in the jungle knew

that this baby elephant was something special.

As he developed,

his parents became extremely proud

of their baby boy, they called AL.

Growing up, Al was always bigger, stronger,

faster and more agile

than all the other elephants his age.

As he grew and grew,

he easily learn all kinds of tricks to entertain everyone.

People would come from miles around

just to watch in amazement,

as Al would do his tricks.

All these simple tricks,

AL found very boring.

He wanted more out of life.

Everyone in the jungle knew

that one day Al would leave the jungle

for bigger and better things,

they just didn't know when or where.

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