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And ofcourse, my personal favorite,

The Animated Version of

How AL Became A Part of BAMA *

Meet My Grandson

Coleman Ray

October 9, 2001 at 9:02:00 PM
8 lbs. 14 oz. 22"


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"He is a beautiful little boy. I cant wait till he is outside playing with the rest of the kids around here. Dont laugh he will be before you know it. Tell him that Bill,Kelly, Laura & Misty send him lots of hugs and kisses."
Kelly Johnston on 10/23/01 3:46:47 PM

"Congratulations!! He's a beautiful & healthy looking boy. Congratulations again to Jody & Duck. "
Terry & Wanda Williams on 10/18/01 2:05:43 PM

"He's much too good looking to look like Papaw Phil. And let me be the first to contribute to his Auburn University college fund. Looks like he's going to be big enough to play football there. Congratulations."
Andrea Pennington on 10/12/01 10:06:45 PM

"What a cutie! He looks like Granpa Phil to me! Congratulations to Mom and Dad!"
Tracy Todd on 10/12/01 5:44:10 PM

"He's beautiful!! He should, however, learn to say "War Eagle" just to make his grandaddy mad!"
Kay Ray on 10/12/01 11:37:22 AM

"Love you all very much. Just wanted to say, "Thanks for making us the proudest grandparents in the world". We can't wait to teach our grandson to say "Roll Tide"."
Grandmother and Granddaddy Hallmark on 10/12/01 10:51:39 AM

susan williams on 10/11/01 9:03:43 PM

"We love you all !!! Can't wait to hold my newest Grandchild.He is beautiful and I knew it before I saw the picture because a certain proud Grandfather told me so. See you Saturday."
Grandmama and Jerry on 10/11/01 7:51:44 PM

"Looks like a Haywood to me!Great job mom and dad.(and of course he's a Vol fan!)"
Uncle Mike on 10/11/01 2:51:26 PM

"He's a beautiful boy! Congratulations, glad to hear everyone is doing well! Best wishes."
Ashley Nix on 10/11/01 2:27:36 PM

"Welcome to the newest Tennessee fan! (or is it Auburn?) Congratulations to Mom and Dad on a job well done! "
John Gant on 10/11/01 2:21:04 PM

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