In the state of Alabama there exist

a college football rivalry stronger than any other in the world.

Why? Simply because we love football.

We love everything about the game

and the thing that makes it more fun to watch,

is having a favorite team.

From the time you are old enough to know anything,

you know that you should have a favorite between Alabama and Auburn.

You may wait until your older to pick that favorite,

but at an early age you know that someday you have got to make a choice.

This is what keeps the rivalry going.

We All love each other in every respect until it comes to our football and then it's like another world.

I built this page just to fan the flames

but it's all in fun.....

Sometimes I almost feel sorry for Auburn fans

and the way they hate BAMA.

Auburn fans have a completely different feeling

toward Alabama

than we have toward Auburn.

This is something that most BAMA fans don't stop to think about.

They despise us

the same as we do them,

but we don't have to deal with the jealousy that they do.

Whether they admit it or not

Auburn fans are bound to have

a little streak of jealousy

running through them

when it comes to BAMA.

They have a BIG problem accepting the time honored "tradition"

of The Alabama Crimson Tide.

They have football history

and they accept that and think its the same as tradition,

but believe me it's not.

Anyway, it's fun to sit back and

watch them, isn't it?


drphilgood's Tribute To

"War Chickens/Tigers"



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Wasn't that David Housel who just drove through here,
on his way to work?

"Loviest Village"

NCAA Football Infractions

The NCAA started giving penalties in 1952.
This is Aubums list from 1952-1997

Auburn: 5 times on probation for a total of 13.3 years ....1956, 1958, 1979, 1980, 1991 and still counting.

To All The Aubies Who Came In Here
To "Sneak A Peek".

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