This is just a crazy place to kinda get away and relax.

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drphilgood's AUBURN JOKE BOARD....You Might Be An Aubie If...... ( click here )

drphilgood's "WHEEL OF FORTUNE"....This is just like the TV show without Vanna White. To give it a try,

drphilgood's ART GALLERY....There's only one picture hanging here, but you'll never see a prettier one than this. ( click here )

drphilgood's ALMANAC....Wonder what happened today in history? The old orginal Farmers' Almanac tells you. ( click here )

drphilgood's Movie Sound Page....Listen to lines from some of your favorite movies. This is FUN. (click here)

drphilgood's Y2K QUESTION.....This site may be too serious to belong on here.( click here )

Bill's like solataire and other card games ( click here )

drphilgood's Age Gauge...... Do you realize how old you're getting? If you do, and don't want to be reminded, don't go (here).

drphilgood's Sports Trivia....I'm working on a sports trivia page, still under constructon but it's coming along. (click here)

drphilgood's Today In Sports History....Find out what happened today in sports history. (click here)

drphilgood's Online Entertainment.....All kinds of cool stuff. (click here)

drphilgood's Coloring Book....A coloring book for the kids (like me). ( click here )

drphilgood's Comics....Read the daily comic strip without getting printer's ink on your hands. ( click here )

somebody else's Funpage.... Better than mine, check it out. ( click here )

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