Auburn fans are famous

for invariably sticking their foot in their mouth.

Sometimes they'll

stick it in there

and never even know it until somebody tells them.

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out a few of these times to some of them.

I really don't think it will do a lot of good

but at least I tried.

Bare in mind, all

the post that are shown here were originally

posted on AllianceSports a open forum

for all the world to see

And now I give you

Better known as:


Post from AllianceSports - AuburnSports, an open forum for all the world to see.

Here are some examples of the respect that the Auburn fans show for the young men that dedicate their time and effeorts to play for the "cow college".

This was posted after Auburn's first game of the '99 season by Karmstrong, the one that thinks of himself as leader of the board.

Subject: I think all we need is Message ID: 492442Posted by karmstrong on 7:13 PM 04-Sep-99[Post a Reply]
I think all we need is;

a punter
a qb
a rb
a left tackle
a right tackle
a left guard
a right guard
a center
some receivers
a tight end
a defensive line
some linebackers
some defensive backs
some fu@#in effort
other than that, we're ok.

Replies: Don;t forget a punter and a snapper (nt) (from Orange & Blue Blood at 07:25 PM 4-Sep-99)

Here's a go one by the famous AtlantaTiger;

AllianceSports....Subject: Forget Gross, Leard, Meiko, and Klein...IMHO... Message ID: 300318Posted by AtlantaTiger on 5:34 PM 28-Mar-99Post a Reply

I'm not trying to be a pessimist, and I hope I'm TOTALLY wrong. Here are my candid thoughts on the QB situation. If Gross isn't committed to football, we don't need him. He can't possibly learn what he MUST learn DURING spring practice if he's playing baseball. He WILL miss a few practices! A few is TOO MANY considering there are only 15 practice days. Gabe needs a LOT of work on his mechanics. He throws the football like a shortstop, and he can't possibly improve if he's in the middle of baseball season. Leard hasn't come close to showing what it takes to win in the SEC. I understand we had a TON of problems with the OL (most of which disappeared with Trickett's sorry ass), but Leard didn't show me anything last year. I think the understatement of the year is "he looks like a deer in headlights!" He is TOO SLOW! He showed ZERO leadership during his time last year! Meiko? Terrible Terry wasted his talent. He's "too far gone" to really improve. His work ethic and attitude must really be terrible. Obviously, his academic eligibility (or should I say lack thereof?)is the primary concern with him at this point. Jeff Klein isn't SEC caliber...not even close. I don't think we should expect too much this year. Yes, we will be better, but how much? I say three games at the most (totaling 6 wins), especially considering our brutal schedule. Tubberville should use this season as a learning experience for Tillman, and we should look to really improve in the 2000 season. Is it possible that Jason Standridge will find his way to the Plains? Stay tuned

This was posted the day Clifton Robinson, Auburn's top WR last year, was ACCUSED of haveing sex with a 15 year old girl. Sounds like this guy already has him convicted.
Subject: THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!! Message ID: 303864Posted by THE WOLF on 7:54 PM 31-Mar-99Post a Reply
What the hell is going on in Auburn? Baker is hours out of jail and this moron Robinson can't keep it in his pants. I have had it with these prima-donnas. Robinson is trash and should be thrown out. My God she was 15! Another Bowden recruit goes bad. Is anyone else glad the midget is gone. Bowden just didn't care what kind of athlete he brought in. Get these punks out of the program now!! I hope Robinson gets his salad tossed in prison. DO YA SMELL WHAT THE WOLF IS COOKIN

Willie Northern is a Freshman wide receiver out of Fla. I don't know exactly what he did that has this Auburn fan so POed but is this any way to refer to a 19 year old on a public forum?
Subject: Message to Willie Northern... Message ID: 306330Posted by RoswellAub on 8:06 PM 02-Apr-99Post a Reply
Wake up stupid. You have an opportunity to make an impact this year. Earn your scholarship.

Someone posted asking about an Auburn player Robert Malone,"is he as good as advertised"? Here's the reply from "cajun", a regular poster on AuburnSports.....
Subject: My thoughts are not popular right now but....... Message ID: 307771Posted by Cajun on 12:41 PM 05-Apr-99Post a Reply
who cares anyway? He is not very impressive according to my source. Doesn't look in shape and will not play next year unless he makes major strides over the offseason. Is getting whipped on virtually every play

All new recruit thinking of coming to Auburn and participating in two sports, should read this. Gabe Gross is their starting QB on the football team and their left fielder on the baseball team. Here's what one fan thought about that!
Subject: Re: Thats what I thought & I dont like it. Message ID: 314912Posted by rosebud on 6:09 PM 12-Apr-99Post a Reply

IMO Gross is doing a disservice to baseball and football. He needs to decide what he wants to do and concentrate on that only. Replies:

Subject: Good assessment. Message ID: 465290Posted by mrsensitive on 4:58 AM 22-Aug-99[Post a Reply]
Stanford Simmons needs to extract his head from his anus. He's another Brad Ware. Great athlete, but he probably has A.D.D. Wonderful........


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