I was just a mediocre Bama fan
until I met my wife to be in 1964.

That year I went to my first
Alabama-Auburn Game
with her father and brother.

That's when I began to learned
what it means to be a REAL Bama Fan.

They had been big BAMA fans
since before the Coach Bryant era,
and almost never missed a game.

They had been Bama fans through the "Ears" Whitworth years
when the fans were scarce
and wins were few and far between.

They had been on the losing side
too many times before
and knew what it was like.

From this they learned that a Bama fan should always show class,
support your team, win or loose, and never waver.

They really suffered
when a team did win over their beloved TIDE,
but they held their heads up,
always gave the wining team credit and
never made up excuses for a loss.

I think, that's what it means
to be a Real Crimson Tide Fan.



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