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ACADEMIC UPDATE!!!! Part 1 (Who's tops?) *originally posted August 22, 1999.

The University of Alabama has a tradition of excellence that dates back more than 165 years. Listed below are but a few of the great things happening at the Capstone!!!!
-Again in 1998-99, The University of Alabama ranked in the top 10 in the United States among public universities in the freshmen enrollment of National Merit and National Achievement Scholars. With more than 300 National Merit and Achievement Scholars on campus, the University of Alabama ranks in the top 10 nationally in total enrollment of these scholars and 1st in the state (more than all other colleges and universities in Alabama combined!!!).
-TIME magazine and the Princeton Review, ranked The University of Alabama as the top university in the state in the 2000 edition of TIME's "The Best College for You". The magazine stated, "The Tuscaloosa campus of the University of Alabama offers a strong education program in areas ranging from engineering to education to the arts and sciences to it's nearly 15,000 undergraduate students. Alabama's honors program allows motivated students opportunities for research not found in most undergraduate programs, and football here is practically a religion." Also, The Princeton Review ranks the University of Alabama's MBA program as the top program in the state and one of the top programs in America.
-Kiplinger's Personal Finance ranks The University of Alabama as the top university in the state and one of the top 100 values in public higher education in America in it's edition, "State Universities to Cheer About".
-The University of Alabama has been ranked as the top university in the state by Barron's "300 Best Buys in College Education".
-The University of Alabama has been ranked as the top university in the state by "America's 100 Best College Buys", published by John Culler & Sons of Camden, S.C., based on cost and quality.
-The 2000 edition of U.S. News and World Report has ranked The University of Alabama in the 2nd tier of National Universities. Two SEC schools made the 1st tier (1-50); Vanderbilt University and The University of Florida. Six SEC schools made the 2nd tier (51-120); The University of Alabama, The University of South Carolina, The University of Tennessee, The University of Kentucky, Auburn University, and The University of Georgia. The undergraduate business program at UA ranked #45 in the U.S. In the graduate school, The University of Alabama's law school is ranked in the top 50 in America. The University of Alabama is ranked as the 12th best school in the nation for a degree in advertising. UA is ranked 14th for it's radio and broadcast journalism program. Also, The University of Alabama's program in Freshwater Biology is ranked #8 in the Nation.
-The National Alumni Association ranked The University of Alabama 1st in the nation in commitment to scholarships, 3rd in the dollar amount of unrestricted gifts received, 4th in the number of donors, and 7th in the amont of income generated by the afinity credit card program.
-"The Chronicle of Higher Education" ranked The University of Alabama's endowment as the 71st largest public or private endowment in the nation. At $340 million, it is the largest endowment in the state. The University of South Alabama is second with $314 million. Auburn University is 3rd with $217 million. These are just a few of the good things going on at The University of Alabama. I would suggest that (if possible) you print this information and keep it as a reminder of the success of our great University. I will post more "Good News" FACTS in the next few days and continue to post updates on The University of Alabama's academic success in the future. ROLL TIDE FOREVER and Oh, one other thing,......31-17!!!!!!
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ACADEMIC UPDATE!!!! Part 2 (It's Still Good!!!) *originally posted August 25, 1999. A few days ago, I posted a summary of some of the great things going on at the Capstone. Listed below, are a few more FACTS to discuss at the water cooler. Again, I suggest you print a copy and keep it as a reminder of the positive academic image of OUR GREAT UNIVERSITY.
-With three students honored as members of the 1999 USA Today Academic All-American Teams, plus one honorable mention, The University of Alabama finished second only to Harvard University in the number of students receiving awards in this year's competition.
-The University of Alabama's graduates include 14 Rhode's Scholars, 9 Truman Scholars, and 13 Goldwater Scholars. UA joins such prestigious institutions as The University of Chicago, Dartmoth College, and Duke University as the only universities in the United States to have three students awarded Goldwater Scholarships for math and science in 1999.
-The University of Alabama's chapter of the prestigious liberal-arts honor society Phi Beta Kappa is one of only two chapters in the state and the only one at an Alabama public university.
-The Uiversity of Alabama's National Alumni society is among the nation's leading public-university-based comprehensive associations, ranking in the top 10 in alumni support.
-The University of Alabama's debate team holds 13 National Championships (one more than the football team).
-According to Newsweek's 2000 edition of "How to get into College", more than 500 companies recruited on campus at The University of Alabama in 1998-99. Auburn University finished a distant second with 350. Stay Tuned.....More to Come!!!!!!! RTR
ACADEMIC UPDATE!!!! Part 3 (UA just keeps Rolling!!!) *originally posted February 4, 2000. For the last few months, I have posted a collection of "Good News" facts about The University of Alabama. This is the third in a continuing series of current information about OUR GREAT UNIVERSITY. Again, I suggest you print a copy and keep it as a reminder of positive academic image of the Capstone.
-The University of Alabama's Computer-Based Honors Program was ranked as one of America's top 10 Honors programs in a recent publication, "Promising Approaches in American Higher Education".
-"The Chronicle of Higher Education" reports that The University of Alabama ranks 12th in the U.S. in the number of students who participated in study abroad.
-Of the 10 members of the 1999 ALL STATE Academic Team in the state of Alabama, four enrolled at The University of Alabama, three to Harvard University, one to The University of Georgia, one to The University of Alabama in Huntsville, and one to Wofford College. Congratulations to Misty Ann Hutchins of Sardis, William Whitney Kilgore of Pell City, Jeffery Christopher Morris of Geneva, and Jennifer Ann Traywick for choosing The University of Alabama to advance your academic careers.
-The University of Alabama's Library is one of the largest in the southeast with 3.7 million volumes. It is, by far, the largest in the state eclipsing Auburn University's Library (2.5 million volumes).
-The University of Alabama's undergraduate business program was listed in the recent edition of the "Princeton Review's Top 75 Business Schools". UA was the only college or university listed from the state of Alabama.
-The University of Alabama's Management Information Systems program is ranked 4th in the nation in the latest Computerworld magazine survey of Techno MBA programs, trumping traditional powerhouses, such as, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Cal-Berkley. The Computerworld poll identified the top 25 schools that do the best job in preparing students to become tomorrows technology leaders. Other top-rated schools included Northeastern (ranked first), The University of Texas (second), and The University of Maryland (third).
-The University of Alabama's Manderson Graduate School of Business is ranked 21st in the nation according to the current issue of Forbes magazine. The "top 25" ranking places UA among some of the nations most prestigious public universities. -BusinessWeek magazine rated The University of Alabama's Manderson MBA as one of the top "low cost, high quality" MBA programs in the nation.

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This is the 9th in a continuing series of "Good News" FACTS about UA Academics. The University of Alabama has a fine tradition of winning on the field and in the classroom. The following are some current facts for your enjoyment.

The University of Alabama's debate team claimed their 14th National Championship at the National Finals, held in Colorado Springs, Co. this spring. UA topped competition from such institutions as Cornell University, Colorado State University, The University of Notre Dame, The University of California-Berkley, The University of Florida, and The United States Air Force Academy. The 2001 National Championship is the Alabama Forensics Council's third since 1998.

The University of Alabama School of Law held onto its ranking as the 46th best Law School in the nation in this years edition of the 2002 US News and World Report "Best Graduate Schools". This is the third consecutive year the law school has received a top 50 ranking in the magazine. Among public universities, UA Law ranked 21st in the nation. The University of Alabama and UAB were the only college or university to be ranked in this years edition.

The University of Alabama's MBA program took second place in the WORLD in the presitgious George Washington/KPMG International Case Competition held this spring in Washington, D.C. ESADE, an internationally ranked program from Spain, took first place. UA finished ahead of such programs as, Baylor University, The University of North Carolina, Vanderbilt University, William and Mary, Wake Forest, Hong Kong University, Georgetown University, and The University of Pittsburg.

The 2000 entering freshmen class at The University of Alabama had an average high school GPA of 3.39, an average ACT score of 24, and 55% of UA freshmen were ranked in the top 25% of their high school class. -Five University of Alabama Alumni have won six Pulitzer Prizes. 1.)Harper Lee won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize in fiction for "To Kill a Mockingbird." 2.) Hazel Brannon Smith won in 1964 for editorial writing on the race issue for the Lexington, Miss. Advertiser. 3.) Ron Casey of the Birmingham News won in 1991 for editorial writing analyzing inequities in Alabama's tax system and proposing needed reforms. 4.) Edward O. Wilson has won twice, both in the non-fiction category, in 1979 for his book "On Human Nature" and in 1991 for his book "The Ants." 5.) Howell Raines of the New York Times won in 1992 in the feature writing category for "Grady's Gift", an account of his childhood friendship with his family's black housekeeper and the lessons of their relationship.

According to the April 13, 2001 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, The University of Alabama's endowment continues to be ranked among the largest in the nation. At $620 million, UA's endowment ranks 79th nationally and 3rd among SEC member institutions. Among SEC insitutions;

Vanderbilt University ($2.3 billion) ranks first;
followed by The University of Florida ($681 million);
The University of Alabama ($620 million);
The University of Tennessee ($440 million);
The University of Georgia ($388 million);
The University of Kentucky ($370 million);
The University of Mississippi ($291 million);
The University of South Carolina ($268 million);
The University of Arkansas ($244 million);
Auburn University ($238 million);
Louisiana State University ($212 million);
and Mississippi State University ($154 million).

In athletics, for the second year in a row, The University of Alabama Gymnastics Team dominated the Academic All-SEC list with a record 12 athletes making the team. For the third straight season, every Crimson Tide athlete meeting the class requirement (only sophmore or higher standing are eligible for Academic All-SEC) has earned the award. The University of Alabama is far ahead of all SEC gymnastics schools in total numbers with 108, compared to second place UGA (83).

The University of Alabama has been listed among the top 25 universities in the most federal support for Chemical Engineering research and development. The October 30 issue of "Chemical and Engineering News" lists UA as 22nd in the nation in federal expenditures. This ranking is a reflection of the quality of the Chemical Engineering program at UA. Other top 25 institutions include Stanford University, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Cal Tech, and Purdue University.

As you can see, The University of Alabama continues to impress as its programs and people continue to succeed in national competition. At UA, success is expected, therefore, expect more "Good News" updates in the near future. If possible, print a copy as a reminder of the postive things going on at the Capstone. Also, be sure to spread the "Good News". ROLL TIDE FOREVER!!!!!

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