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Coach Bryant, after announcing his retirement, was asked if he was dissappointed that an Alabama player had never won the Heisman Trophy while he was the coach. He said, "No!", and added, "At Alabama our players do not win Heisman Trophies, our teams win national championships."



Name....Nickname....School....Years....Position....Jersey number...Year Inducted.

 Paul William Bryant...."Bear"..Coached Maryland, Kentucky, Texas A&M and Alabama, from 1945-1982..Coach passed away in 1983..Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame in 1986.

Johnny Mack Mack Brown...."The Dothan Antelope"..Alabama..1923-1925..Halfback..#17..1957

John Lewis Cain...."Hurri"..Alabama..1930-1932..Fullback /Quarterback..#25..1973

 Harry Vincent Gilmer....Alabama..1944-1947..Halfback..#52..1993

 Millard Filmore Howell...."Dixie"..Alabama..1932-1934..Halfback..#58..1970

 Pooley Thomas Hubert...."Papa"..Alabama..1922-1925.Fullback..#10..1964

Don Montgomery Hutson....Alabama..1932-1934..End..#14..1951

Lee Roy Jordan...."Lee"..Alabama..1960-1962..Center..#54..1983

 Vaughn Hall Mancha...."Cisco"..Alabama..1944-1947..Center..#41..1990 

Ozzie Newsome...."The Wizard of Oz"..Alabama..1974-1977..Wide Receiver..#82..1994 

Fred William Sington....Alabama..1928-1930..Tackle..#43..1955

 Riley Henry Smith...."General"..Alabama..1933-1935 Quarterback..#26..1985

 Frank William Thomas...."Chattanooga"..Alabama..1925-1946..Coach..1951

 Wallace Wade.."Duke"..Alabama..1923-1950 Coach..1955

 Don Boone Whitmire...."Navy"..Alabama_ 1941-1944..Tackle..#70..1956 

Bama Players in The NFL

In the 2000 NFL Draft:

Chris Samuels was the 3rd player chosen in the 1st round going to the Washington Redskins

Shaun Alexander was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks 19th in the 1st round

Cornelius Griffin was drafted in the 2nd round, 42nd overall by the New York Giants

Michael Moore went to the Washington Redskins as the 129th player, in the 4th round.

By John Hinds Alabama Weekly Boston Bureau / Pro Beat BOSTON -

Summer is over for 31 ex-Alabama football players as NFL training camps open during the next two weeks.
While players like FERNANDO BRYANT, first round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars, will be entering their veterans like CORNELIUS BENNETT will be at his 13th camp this time with the Indianapolis Colts.

Let's take a quick look at who these players are and where they will be playing this season.
Running back CURTIS ALEXANDER is a member of the Denver Broncos where he was on the practice squad last year.
Bennett, who played in the Super Bowl last season as a member of the Atlanta Falcons signed a free agent contract with the Colts in March.
He joins ANDRE ROYAL as a starter on a young but improving defense.
JOHN COPELAND starts his seventh season at defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals.
QUINCY JACKSON was signed as a free agent by the Bengals in March.
HOWARD CROSS will be starting his 11th NFL season as a tight end with the New York Giants.
ERIC CURRY starts his seventh season in the league at defensive end in Jacksonville.
LEMANSKI HALL will be looking to break into the starting linebacking corps of the Chicago Bears in his sixth year in the NFL.
PATRICK HAPE is the starting tight end for the Tampa Bay Bucs.
TONY JOHNSON is a reserve tight end for the New Orleans Saints.
ANTONIO LANGHAM was selected in the expansion draft by the Cleveland Browns.
ANTONIO LONDON and KEVIN TURNER are teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles.
KRIS MANGUM, another tight end, is on the roster of the Carolina Panthers.
MARK McMILLAN signed a free agent contract with the San Francisco 49ers where he will battle for a starting spot.
ED SCISSUM is also a member of the 49ers.
CHRIS MOHR is in his 10th season as a punter for the Buffalo Bills.
MICHAEL MYERS and GEORGE TEAGUE will be teammates on the Dallas Cowboys.
The Duece DAVID PALMER and linebacker DWAYNE RUDD are hoping to help the Minnesota Vikings reach this year's Super Bowl.
DANIEL POPE is the punter for the Detroit Lions.
OZELL POWELL is an offensive tackle on the rejunvented Washington Redskins.
SAM SHADE is a starting safety in the nation's capitol.
THOMAS RAYAM signed a contract in March with the Miami Dolphins where he will battle for a starting job at offensive tackle.
The New England Patriots are expecting ROD RUTLEDGE to develop into a strong backup at tight end.
KEVIN SIGLER is a new member of the Tennessee Titans.
DERRICK THOMAS led Kansas City with 12 sacks last season and this year moves to strongside linebacker.
DESHEA TOWNSEND fills a reserve role at defensive back on the Pittsburgh Steelers.
MICHAEL VAUGHN is looking to get some playing time for the Green Bay Packers.

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